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Recent Projects We’ve Completed For Our Clients

Exploratory trip

Business trip with 15 immigrants in Montreal

Help clients better grasp the life and business opportunities

We met with bankers, attorneys, local business associations, government officials, notary and potential business partners as part of Quebec Immigrant Entrepreneur Program.

Incorporation & Work Permit Package

Open a company to work in it

Go to Canada quickly

Our client wanted to open her own company in Quebec and be able to work in it and come to operate it as soon as possible on a work permit.

Temporary Worker

Renewal of work permit after deadline

Continue working full-time

Our client needed to reissue a CSQ for his work permit even if after the deadline. We took care of it and didn’t have to go back to his own country. He is still currently working in the same company.

Entrepreneur from Belarus

Wants to immigrate to Canada to invest in LED

Currently waiting for PR card

An accomplished entrepreneur wanted to immigrate to Canada to pursue his career and for the safety and education of his family. He applied under the Quebec Entrepreneur Program and was accepted.

Investor in Asia

Go to Canada through Investor Program


Even if our client has a highly successful career, he wanted to provide a better and safer environment to his family as well as new business opportunities to develop and world class education for his children.

Spousal Sponsorship

Canadian citizen wanted his spouse to join him

Living happily together

After living several years in Vietnam, the Canadian citizen who was married to a Vietnamese wanted to comeback together with his wife and daughter in Canada. We made it happen.
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Once you have filled our online assessment form, we will meet you online or in person to make sure that you are eligible and qualify to an immigration program.


We will prepare and review your immigration papers and legal documents in order for you to have the best chances at succeeding.


We will submit your documents and we will represent you in all communications with the relevant immigration departments supporting you all the way.


We will help you get your immigration documents for you and your family for a safe and worry-free landing in Canada.


We can help you with all aspects of your new life in Canada. From purchasing a proprety, opening a bank account to selecting a good school for your children, we will make sure that You’ll Enjoy Life Overseas!

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All the Latest News 

Two-third of Canada’s population growth between 2011 and 2016 was attributed to immigration. The remaining one third is due to natural population growth.

Quebec Immigration Office in Hong Kong (BIQ Hong Kong) will cease all operations effective on April 1st 2017.

On February 8, CIC issued a total of 3,664 invitations letters for permanent residency. The lowest score needed to received an invitation letter was a record-breaking 447 points, breaking the previous low of 450 points.

We would like to extent our deepest gratitude to all of our clients, partners and friends for this wonderful year.

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